@jolizevette (dawson) wrote in dawson_worship,

I apologize to the moderators if this isn't allowed but I figured I needed to let well... anyone know.

rosario-dawson.net, my first website ever, a site I've dedicated two years of my life into building was hacked.

Someone was using the site to try and get bank information or install spyware... I don't know, I'm not clear on the details, but I just got off the phone with customer service. Pretty much, everything is gone. I can't even put into words just how upset I am by all of this. I know that to most people it's just a stupid little website, but that was something very important to me.

Anyway, I'm doing my best to gather what I have on my computer and old backup CD's (which considering my computer crashed recently, can't say there's much on here to salvage). I have full intentions to rebuild. So please don't forget about our lovely little site, I will try to have it return as soon as I can, and considering I work a full time job may take some time. We may not return as great as it was before, but we can try.

In the meantime, since I have no guarantee that I have all of the thousands of photos from the gallery backed up (or all the videos), if anyone would be so kind to email me anything you may have lying around having to do with Ro, I would be eternally grateful, you can send it to rosariodawsononline@gmail.com

Thank you all and I'm sorry mods, if you feel it an inappropriate post I will delete it
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